Karnataka releases lockdown guidelines effective till 31-05-2020

The Government of Karnataka vide an order dated 18th May 2020 has issued guidelines on the lockdown measures in the state. The Ministry of Home Affairs vide an order dated 17th May 2020 has extended the COVID-19 lockdown till 31st May 2020. The lockdown guidelines significantly eased restrictions outside containment zones and the state governments have been given more autonomy to implement guidelines, but within the parameters of the Union Health Ministry’s guideline. As per the guidelines issued by government of Karnataka-

  1. During the lockdown period, all domestic and international passenger flights (except medical services and those permitted by MHA) will remain prohibited.
  2. Metro services, schools, colleges, coaching institutions shall be closed. Online learning is permitted.
  3. Hotels and restaurants will also remain shuttered, except those used for housing health/ police/ govt officials/ healthcare workers/ stranded person.
  4. Cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bar, auditoriums, assembly halls and all other similar places will be closed. Sport complexes and stadium are permitted to open, but spectators are not allowed to open.
  5. All religious places to be closed and there shall not be any social/ political/ religious/ cultural/ educational/ sports/ entertainment/function gathering.
  6. Inter-state and intra-state movement of passengers vehicles are allowed with social distance except in containment zones. Taxi and auto rickshaws with driver and 2 passengers are allowed except in containment zones. All districts shall allow inter state movement of goods and cargo.
  7. All shops including barber shops and spa salons are permitted except in containment zones.
  8. Movement of individual is strictly prohibited between 7p.m. to 7 a.m. On Sunday, there shall be complete lockdown.
  9. Person above 65 years of age, pregnant woman and child below 10 years shall stay at home except for meeting and essential requirements.
  10. Wearing of face cover is compulsory in all public place and workplaces.
  11. Social distancing shall be followed in public places and transport.
  12. Funeral shall ensure social distancing and gathering of more than 20 not allowed.
  13. In marriage and related functions, there shall not be co-gathering more than 50.
  14. Shops ensure 6 feet distance among customers and there shall not be more than 5 persons at the shop.
  15. Work from home to be practiced as soon as possible.
  16. Staggering of work/business hours to be followed.
  17. Industrial unit shall do thermal screening of employee/visitor/driver/all other person in entry and exit point. There shall be hand sanitizer and provisions for handwash in entry and exit point.
  18. There shall be frequent sanitization of the places comes to frequent contact with human, such as door handle.
  19. In Charge of the workplace shall ensure social distancing through adequate distance between worker, adequate gap between shifts, staggering lunch break of staff etc.

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