ESIC revises Form 17 and Form 19 relating to Maternity Benefit

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation vide a notification dated 18th May 2020 has published the Employees’ State Insurance (General) (First) Amendment Regulations, 2020 to revise Form 17 (certificate/notice of pregnancy) and Form 19 (claim for maternity benefit and notice of work). Apart from revising Form 17 and 19, the changes brought by this amendment are as follows-

  1. Notice of Commissioning Mother – A new Regulation 87 A is inserted which provides that an Insured Woman who wishes to have a child and get embryo implanted in any other women shall give such notice in Form 17 and shall submit together with Agreement of embryo implantation executed between commissioning mother with the other woman.
  2. Declaration by insured woman- A new Regulation 88A is inserted which provides that insured Women claiming maternity benefit before confinement or after confinement or miscarriage shall submit the declaration of her surviving child or children. In case Insured woman giving birth to more than one child such claim shall be treated a single claim. However, for the next confinement the number of surviving children should be counted as per the actual number of surviving children at the time of claiming maternity benefit.
  3. Claim for Maternity Benefit by commissioning Mother -A new Regulation 89 C is inserted which provides that Commissioning mother shall submit a claim for maternity benefit in Form 19. If commissioning mother and the other woman both are Insured Women, the claim will be provided only to the commissioning mother.
  4. Claim for Maternity Benefit by Adoptive Mother – A new Regulation 89 D is inserted which provides that every Insured woman, who legally Adopts a child of up to 3 months of age, shall submit a claim for maternity benefit in Form 19 together with copy of the court order/Certificate from Registrar and birth certificate incorporating the name of the woman and copy of the Adoption Order issued by the Competent Court.

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