Madhya Pradesh Factory Unified Return to be filed by 1st February every year

Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide a notification dated 15th May 2020, has amended Rule 112 (relating to Return) of the Madhya Pradesh Factories Rules, 1962 and fixed the due date to filling annual return at 1st day of February every year.

As per the amendment, the owner or occupier of every factory shall furnish annually an unified return electronically as required by Inspector or any other office appointed by state Government in this behalf on or before 1st day of February every year. Such unified return shall contain information of the particulars of the factory specified in the web portal in respect of the preceding year of such calendar year.

However, filling of this unified return is not necessary if the owner or occupier of the factory has already furnished annual return for that year on the said web portal under Labour Laws (Exemption from Furnishing Return and Maintaining Registers by Certain Establishments) Amendment Act 2014.

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