CGWA: measures for Preservation of rainwater by industries

The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) vide a public notice grants No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the industries, infrastructure and mining project to abstract ground water. However, this ground water abstraction is allowed with the following conditions-

  1. Industries, infrastructure and mining project shall initiate rainwater harvesting/recharge as per the CGWA guidelines.
  2. Industries which are likely to contaminate groundwater, shall conserve roof top rainwater only by constructing storage tank on the surface and shall not recharge (recharge means where water moves downward from surface water to groundwater) within the premises. Water stored by this technique can be used by the industry. This notice mentions 14 industries that comes under this category, i.e. likely to contaminate ground water. Such industry includes- industries withdrawing saline groundwater, textile & dyeing, explosive, dairy plant, chemical, fertilizers, slaughterhouse, oil refinery etc.

Thus, industries shall get NOC to abstract groundwater if the preserve rainwater for harvesting or industrial use.

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