FSSAI to standardize street food cart under “Clean Street Food Hub” initiative

“Clean Street Food Hub” is an approach initiated by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to ensure health, hygiene and safety standard of street food for all consumers by upgrading Street food vending to the level of established food courts. This involve training and capacity building of the street food vendors and ensure proper regulatory compliance by unorganized street food sector under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.  But FSSAI found it challenging to implement the scheme due to lack of basic infrastructure and availability of standardized Food Safety Vending Cart model in market.

To address this challenge, FSSAI conducted a workshop on “Developing a roadmap for clean street food vending across the country” dated 14-11-2019 and decided to standardize the food vending carts. In this connection, FSSAI invites an Expression of Interest (EoI) from the prospective agencies for the design and development of clean street food carts and empanelment of manufacturers/suppliers of these carts for supplying the model clean street food carts to the state governments, local bodies, municipal corporations, etc. across the country. It will also facilitate street food vendors from avail loan from bank. Apart from this, the following guidelines has been provided in respect of manufacturing of model food carts-

  • Cart Design and Specifications-
  • There will be 4 basic designs of food cart depending upon nature of operation-
  • Prepared meal cart (size 8 feet X 5 feet)
  • Salad/Chat Cart (size 3 feet X 6 feet)
  • Beverage Cart (size 2 feet X 7 feet)
  • Single item mini Cart (size 3 feet X 3 feet)
  • The surface of the vending cart that comes in contact with food/ food storage utensils shall be built stainless steel.
  • The cart shall have storage area with locking facility; and working surface of vending carts shall be easy to clean and at least 60-70 centimeters from above the ground.
  • Cart shall be protected from sun, wind and dust and have proper lighting, ventilation and fire safety measure.
  • The cart shall have inbuilt sink with water facility; and dustbin to segregate dry and wet waste.
  •  Place for display of menu, FSSAI Registration/licence; healthy message; rating etc.
  • Criteria for selection of street food vendor by state/UTs– Street food vendors shall be registered/licensed under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006; and should be trained under Food safety training and certification. Vendors should be associated with locations near tourist hotspots.
  • Criteria for sending cart requirement by State/UTs-FSSAI has selected 5 to 10 for big states and 3 to 5 for small states to give the model carts.
  • Terms and conditions-This cart will be sent directly by selected cart manufacturer to state/UT food safety department for onward distribution.

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