Maharashtra Establishments to give Minimum 2 Hours off to employee to cast vote on bye-election

Government of Maharashtra Industry, Energy and Labour Division, vide a circular dated 28th January 2020 has given a minimum 2 hours off to the workers / officers / employees who are eligible voters to exercise their voting rights in the Bye-election to the Maharashtra Legislative Council to be held on 6th February 2020. The relaxation of minimum 2 hours off to cast their valuable vote is available for the following establishments-

  1. All the establishments, factories, shops, etc. coming under the Industry, Energy and Labor Department.
  2. All shops and other establishments.
  3. Residential hotels, eating houses, other houses.
  4. Theaters.
  5. Businesses, industrial activities or other establishments as well as Information and technology companies.
  6. Shopping centers, malls, retailers, etc.

Thus, all the above-mentioned categories of establishments shall give a minimum two hours off to all workers / officers / employees who are eligible voters in the electoral polling area to exercise their voting rights. Such electoral polling area includes Nanded-Waghola, Jalgaon, Parbhani, Ahmednagar, Kurundwad, Daundaicha-Varvade, Himayat Nagar, Biloli, Dharambad, and Naygaon. The owners or managements of the all these establishments should ensure compliance with the circular properly. If there is a complaint about voters not getting the holiday or concession for voting, concerned Department shall take appropriate action against the owner or management of such establishment.

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