Uttarakhand Revises Factory Registration and Renewal Fees

The Ministry of Labour and Employment Uttarakhand vide notification dated 20th December 2019 has published the Uttarakhand Factories (Amendment) Rules 2019 further to amend the Uttar Pradesh Factories Rule 1950 as applicable to the state of Uttarakhand. This Amended Rule has revised the fees to registration and grant of factory licence in the state of Uttarakhand. The changes brought by this Amendment notification are as follows-

  1. The fee for registration and grants of licence under Rule 7 of the Uttar Pradesh Factories Rule 1950 is revised. Previously, the minimum fee for factory registration and renewal was Rs.500 which is now increased to Rs.800. Again, before amendment, the maximum fee for registration and renewal for factory was Rs. 80,000 which is revised to Rs.128800.
  2. The licence renewal fee shall be increased by 10% every 5 years. The next increase in licence renewal fee shall be 1st January 2025.
  3. Rule 41 is amended to provide that if the factory employees less than 100 workmen, there shall be 1 toilet for every 25 workers separately for men and women. But minimum 1 toilet each for men and women worker is mandatory for each factory.
  4. If the factory employs more than 100 workers, there shall be additional number of toilets counting 1 each for men and women for next 50 workers.
  5. Sanitary napkins of adequate quantity shall be provided in women’s toilet. And disposable bin with lid shall be provided in women’s toilet for collection and disposal of used napkins as per approved procedure from Chief Inspector.
  6. In Rule 86, classification of class of factory and classes of work is substituted namely- for biscuit, noodles and pasta factories; the classes of work is defined as work of male adult workers engaged in the mixing of the dough, baking, drying and packing biscuit, noodles and pasta. Prior to amendment, noodles and pasta was there in the classes of factory and work.

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