Rajasthan to revise Shops and Establishments Registration Fees

The Labour Department of Rajasthan vide a notification dated 13th August has published the draft of the Rajasthan Shops and Commercial Establishments (Amendment) Rules 2019. By this amendment, Rajasthan is going to make provision to eliminate renewal of the shops and establishments certificate and to revise registration fee up to a maximum of 1,50,000 Rupees from the existing 18,750 Rupees. So, the changes tend to bring about by this Amendment notification are as follows-

  • The registration fee for shops and establishments in Rule 3 of the Rajasthan Shops and Commercial Establishments Rules 1959 is changed and proposed as-
Maximum Number of employees employed in any day Amount of fee in Rupees
0-10 5,000
11-50 20,000
51-100 50,000
101 and above 1,50,000
  • Rule 4(2) shall be deleted; which provided that every certificate granted or renewed under this chapter shall remain in force up to 31st day of December of the year. So, from now, shops and establishments certificate shall be available for life.
  • Rule 6, i.e. renewal of certificate shall be deleted.
  • In the Rule, wherever the provisions of renewal are there, like renewal fees, renewal portion in Form 3 and Form 5 shall be deleted.
  • Some changes shall be made in Rule 8, which will read as- if the holder of the certificate dies or becomes insolvent, the person carrying on the business of such certificate holder shall not be liable to any penalty for using the certificate during a period of 90 days to enable him to make an application for the amendment of the certificate under Rule 5.

With this publication, Government of Rajasthan has invited suggestions and objections to the Amendment, if any. This Amendment Rule shall come into force after considering objections and suggestions and it is published in the official gazette.

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