Telangana introduces new norms for grant and renew of S&E registration certificate

To implement the Ease of Doing Business initiative, the Government of Telangana has introduced the process of grant of the final registration certificate within 1day of uploading application with all required data and fees and also eliminated the process of renewal of registration certificate. The objective of the process is implementation of Ease of Doing Scheme and to facilitate a hassle-free functioning of the industry.

By a notification dated 13th June 2019, the Government of Telangana has exempted the establishments from Section 3(2) of the Telangana Shops and Establishments Act 1988 which previously set the time limit for grant of final registration at 30 days. Now, by this notification, the time limit to grant the registration certificate is changed and fixed at 1 day.

 Apart from this, the Government of Telangana has also exempted the establishments from Section 4, i.e. renewal of registration certificate. Thus, the shops and establishments within the state of Telangana need not to make an application for renewal of registration as mentioned in Section 4. But the employer shall extend the validity of registration certificate by paying annual fee by 1stDecember of every year.

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