Display of notice to nominate representatives under Industrial Disputes Act 1947

     Where the workmen are not member of any trade union, the employer shall display in the establishment the notice to parties to nominate their representatives to represent the workmen in conciliation process. 

     When parties in the industrial dispute apply to the government to refer dispute to the Conciliation Board; the government shall appoint a Board and refer the matter to the Board. Conciliation involves intervention by a third party who may be a private body or government representative for bringing about settlement of industrial dispute. It is a process through which each of the parties appoints their representatives and the representatives take part in conciliation process. After that; mutual discussion takes place between the representatives so that they can be persuaded to come to a common solution.

So, for conciliation process, it is mandatory to have representative of the parties. Therefore, the Government send notice to the parties requiring the parties to nominate within a reasonable time person to represent them on the Board. The notice to the employer shall be sent to the employer personally or to his manager.  The notice to the workmen shall be sent to

  1. the President or Secretary of the trade union if the workmen are member of any Trade Union.
  2. If the workmen are not members of a trade union, to any one of the five representatives of the workmen. In this case a copy of the notice shall also be sent to the employer who shall display it on notice boards in a conspicuous manner at the main entrance to the premises of the establishment.

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