Odisha government hikes minimum daily wages of labourers after three years

Following the recommendations of the State Minimum Wages Advisory Board, the minimum wages of unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and highly-skilled labourers in Odisha were hiked by the state government on Tuesday. The development was confirmed by the Labour and ESI department after it published a gazette notification in this regard.
As per the revised pay, the daily wages of unskilled labourers have been hiked to Rs 280 from Rs 200 while the same for semi-skilled labourers has been increased from Rs 220 to Rs 320.
The daily remuneration of skilled workers was hiked from Rs 240 to Rs 370 and highly skilled workers from Rs 260 to Rs 430 by the government.
Wages for piece rate work under 15 job categories have also been enhanced for the labourers.
The revision in wages was made after three years, in view of factors like consumer inflation, the prevailing minimum wages in the neighbouring states, and the prevailing market rates. Read Original Post >>

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