Iodized salt is exempted from displaying +F logo

FSSAI on 2nd August 2018 has notified the Food Fortification Regulations, 2018 and recommended for scientific health claims for label declaration of fortified foods approved by the scientific panel on nutrition and fortification. FSSAI has also created a logo for fortification which will help consumers identify the fortified food commodities in an easy, straightforward manner. The prescribed logo is “+F” where F indicates fortified food and plus sign (+) indicates adding of extra nutrition and vitamins to daily meals and adding more to life. The food business operators (FBOs) need to comply with the provisions of these regulations by January 1, 2019

It is a mandated practice that common salt cannot be sold for human consumption without adding iodine. Iodised salt is table salt mixed with an element of a trace mineral called iodine. Double Fortified Salt (DFS) is an innovative new fortified food product – delivering small but crucial amounts of iodine and iron to human beings through their diet. So, to differentiate between iodized salt and double fortified salt, FSSAI has prescribed that +F label is not required for salt which is fortified with iodine only. So, the iodized salt is not required to display the +F logo but the double fortified salt should bear the +F logo.

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